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Your Exclusive Buyers Agent  (EBA) offers a higher level of service and 100% loyalty to home buyers.  The following tips are just a sampling of what you can expect when you rely on the experience, expertise and highest level of service your EBA brings in representing you as a home buyer. 

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Check!One of the biggest cautions in real estate is to watch out when an agent or brokerage collects commissions from both the seller and the buyer.
  • Traditional brokerages generally offer their associates bonuses for selling in-house listings -- a "double-dip."
  • A traditional real estate agent is required by law to represent the interests of the seller, not you, the buyer.
  • An agent who is being commissioned by both sides in a transaction often has a greater conflict of interest if anything happens that could jeopardize the closing.

Check!Contact an EBA before you have any contact with real estate agent representing a seller.

  • If you ask a real estate agent about a home on the market, you may find that you have agreed to allow the listing agent to represent you in the sale.
  • If you have a contract with an EBA before you look at any home on the market, your interests will be protected.

Check! An EBA will also offer properties listed  For Sale By Owner, new construction, foreclosures and many other sources of homes on the market.  

  • If you use a traditional real estate agent, you may not have access to all local real estate resources.  
  • Usually you are limited to in-house listings of the brokerage and homes listed through the Multiple Listing Service when you work with a traditional agent.  

Check!Mortgage offers vary greatly; services also vary.  

  • Your EBA will help you evaluate mortgage offers and will follow through to make sure that every element is prepared and reviewed before closing.
  • Your EBA will recommend that you get pre-approved for a mortgage, but will never reveal your top limit to a seller when negotiating on your behalf.

Check!Inspections are essential, whether you are buying a new house or an older one.

  • Your EBA will insist that you hire home inspectors, and will never accept an inspection that was contracted by the seller.
  • Sometimes it will be in your best interests to reduce the sales price of a house or cancel the sale entirely following an inspection. 
  • If repairs are needed, your EBA will help you specify exactly what needs to be done and that all repairs be inspected by your inspector before you accept them.

Buyer beware!  Especially when you are dealing with the biggest purchase of your life!

House photo You deserve 100% loyalty to you as a Buyer -- that is guaranteed when you call on Buyers Choice Realty! We'll protect your interests and help you at every step along the way.
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