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Why We NEVER Work for Sellers
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As an Exclusive Buyers Agency, we NEVER represent sellers.  Because we represent only Buyers, never Sellers, we never have a conflict of interests.  NEVER!

House photo You deserve the services of an Exclusive Buyers Agent who is 100% committed to serving you and protecting your interests as a home buyer. 

Check!Traditional real estate agents have a conflict of interest if they try to represent your interests as a buyer. They can't offer you the 100% honesty and loyalty that is the hallmark of a true, professional Exclusive Buyer's Agent (EBA).

Traditional real estate agents represent the SELLER.  Even if they call themselves "your buyer's agent," they are required BY LAW to represent the seller.  They have signed a contract with the seller to do just that.

If something goes wrong before the closing,  the traditional real estate agent will protect the sale even if it is not in your best interests as a buyer.  Say the appraisal comes in lower than the sales price.  Then a traditional real estate agent has ANOTHER CONFLICT OF INTEREST ... it is in the agent's best interest to protect the sale ... to protect the agent's commission!

Check!Your Exclusive Buyers Agent is employed through a contract with you.

This contract can be set up many ways; most of our buyers prefer to use the commission arrangement similar to a regular seller/buyer split. 

  • Our brokerage fee is paid by the seller as a cost of sale, the same way that traditional agents are paid.
  • There is no additional cost to you to use the services of an Exclusive Buyers Agent.

The listing agent has already agreed to share the commission with a licensed Realtor who represents the buyer in the transaction. 

  • A traditional real estate agent ends up working for the listing brokerage and the seller as a sub-agent.
  • An Exclusive Buyers Agent has a contract to work for you and cannot become a sub-agent for the seller.

Your Exclusive Buyers Agent can negotiate a commission on the sale of a house on the best terms for YOU.  We work with traditional real estate firms and builders for the benefit of our buyers. New construction and homes that are not actively on the market are available, too.

House photo Call Buyers Choice Realty for a free consultation.  You can be confident that we will give you 100% loyalty as we help you with the biggest purchase of your life!
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